Campus Total: $16,593,047


Security: $116,050

Controlled entry vestibule at main entry


Technology: $1,653,300

Computer Replacement, Student Devices, Classroom Projector & Audio, Full Wireless Integration, Video Distribution, Fiber Cabling Upgrade & Expansion to Support Services, Battery Backup Upgrades, Video Security Upgrades (Cameras, Software)


Campus Priorities: $170,425

New marching tower and new Wenger diva sound shells


Athletic Improvements: $5,070,000

Two new ticket booths, replace existing turf, new restroom and concession buildings, new LED scorecard, renovate pressbox, replace track surface


Roofing: $3,000,000

Replace entire existing roof overlay


Mechanical System: $2,938,250

Replace make-up air units and/or equipment, and associated piping, replace exterior chilled water piping


Building Envelope: $1,952,576

Replace/Refurbish various worn/outdated items


Fire Sprinkler System: $998,646

Install new fire sprinkler system (The Fine Arts Center (only) is currently equipped with a fire sprinkler system; install a fire sprinkler system throughout the remainder of the school facility)


Structural System: $693,800

Address miscellaneous lateral support/bracing and cracks in masonry walls

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