In fall of 2013, PISD solicited a comprehensive facilities assessment conducted by Huckabee and Associates to assess each PISD campus and to assist the Board of Trustees in making informed decisions regarding future needs. The facilities assessment described the existing conditions of each facility, inside and out, as well as measured the quality and educational effectiveness of each school.


In its study of every district facility, the architect examined twenty-five different components that included general exterior and interior conditions, building code, fire code, Texas Education Agency standards, Americans with Disabilities Act requirements, structural integrity, mechanical, electrical and plumbing conditions, site conditions, as well as technology capabilities and safety and security. Upon completion of their analysis, a report was presented to the Board of Trustees that ranked all twenty-five components of the analysis as either “poor,” “fair” or “good” for each district facility. Each identified deficiency in the report was also given a line item cost that provided a foundation for the CFAC to develop a bond package. The assessment identified $305,246,783.65 in improvements to existing facilities. Coupled with new facilities to satisfy growth projections, the total identified facility needs equaled an estimated $482,246,784. The CFAC evaluated and prioritized the various components of the assessment to be included in the proposed bond election. The assessment will be reviewed and updated at regular intervals as the district grows and as educational needs change, and will be the basis for a long-range facility plan.


Read the full Pflugerville ISD Facility Assessment Report.

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