Demographic projections and student population patterns are a fluid dynamic that must be tracked constantly. Pflugerville ISD is doing just that by contracting with Templeton Demographics for quarterly updates.


According to the most recent demographic report, Pflugerville, Texas is a microcosm of the statewide trend of economic stability, job growth, and a strong single-family housing market. These favorable conditions have led to a steady 1-3 percent annual growth in the student population of Pflugerville ISD for the past several years. The enrollment for the 2013-14 school year was 23,459 – an increase of 117 students. Templeton Demographics projects a continued 1-2 percent growth in the number of students in the district for the next ten years.


Elementary School Level

Currently, five of the 19 elementary campuses currently have a student population that exceeds the maximum capacity. Elementary #20 will open in August 2014 and will provide additional space for Highland Park, Murchison and Rowe Lane, but will not relieve all of the over capacity campuses. For the 2014-15 school year, Highland Park, Riojas and Springhill are projected to continue to operate over capacity. Projections anticipate that by the 2016-17 school year, Dessau Elementary and Rowe Lane will also be operating over capacity and by 2023-24, half of the campuses in the district will be operating over capacity.


The proposed new Elementary #21 and the replacement Timmerman Elementary School, which currently has a capacity of 487, will both be built to serve 750 students. These new campuses, as well as proposed classroom additions at Riojas, will address current capacity issues and room for projected growth at the elementary level.


Middle School Level

At the middle school level, the 2013-14 enrollment was 5,349 – an increase of 52 students from the previous year. Park Crest Middle School is the only one of six campuses that is currently operating over the maximum capacity. Park Crest is the smallest middle school campus in the district with a capacity of 918 and is projected to not only continue to operate over capacity, but for that space deficit to consistently increase over the next 10 years. Under the proposed bond package, Park Crest will receive additional classroom space to accommodate a student population of 1,200 students, which based on projections, would sustain the district middle school student population until 2023.


High School Level

At the high school level, the 2013-14 enrollment was 6,832 – an increase of 185 students from the previous year. Hendrickson High School, with a capacity 2,650, is the only one of three campuses to be currently operating over the maximum capacity. Hendrickson is projected to exceed 3,000 students as early as 2016. Proposed High School #4 will be a 2,500-student campus that is planned to be ready for a fall 2016 opening should the bond election be successful. In addition to Hendrickson, this new facility will provide relief to Pflugerville High School, which is projected to exceed maximum capacity in 2018-19.


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