Pflugerville ISD reconvened its Citizen’s Facility Advisory Committee (CFAC) in December of 2013. The role of the CFAC was to review the needs of the district facilities and provide a recommendation to the PISD Board as to future facilities and updates to current facilities.


The CFAC was charged to:

• Consider the educational needs of all students

• Reflect community values and perceptions of need

• Engage in productive dialogue

• Be objective and maintain a district-level perspective

• Explore possibilities

• Make recommendations to Board based on current, relevant data and best practices


The CFAC had a total membership of approximately 30 community members. The members represented a diverse cross section of the community, including local citizens, civic and business leaders, parents and school staff.


The CFAC met regularly in December and January to review information presented, discuss options for improvement, prioritize a list of recommended improvements, and finally, decide on a recommendation to the Board of Trustees. The committee was presented current district financial data, results of a community-wide survey, a district-wide facilities assessment, demographic information and project options and cost analysis. The committee also toured Timmerman Elementary School, the district’s oldest elementary campus, and Ruth Barron Elementary School, the district’s newest elementary campus, for comparison.


At its last regular meeting on January 30, 2014, the CFAC came to a final recommendation. On February 6, the CFAC presented its recommendation to the Board of Trustees to call a bond election for May 10, 2014 for a total of $298.5 million. Upon review of the package, the PISD Trustees worked in multiple workshops and meetings with district staff and CFAC members to further prioritize the recommended projects. On February 24, the CFAC returned to the Board with a final recommendation, at which time the PISD Trustees voted unanimously to call for a $287 million bond package.


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David Clay, Community member

Chris Davenport, Community member

Trey Fletcher, Community member

David Hufstedler, Community member

W.C. Kolinek, Community member

Hal Kuempel, Community member

Pat McCord, Community member

Renae Mitchell, Community member

Stacy Mueller, Community member

Randy Reese, Community member

Jessica Rotz, Community member

Melody Ryan, Community member

Cheryl Sawyer, Community member

James Sawyer, Community member

Michelle Seabrooks, Community member

Robert Spoonemore, Community member

Dr. Carl Trovall, Community member

Araceli Soliz, Dessau Elementary Staff

Linda Kaiser, Dessau Middle Staff

Susan Woods, Hendrickson High Staff

Sue Bryant, PACE Staff

Mike Harvey, PACE Staff

Nathan Steenport, Pflugerville Elementary Staff

August Plock, Pflugerville High Staff

Luis Ham, Pflugerville Middle Staff

MaryG Zell, Pflugerville Middle Staff

Sarah Boyle, Spring Hill Elementary Staff

Christy Chandler, Timmerman Elementary Staff

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